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    This area gives you an overview of contents regarding invoicing.

    The document “Invoice requirement letter” shows which information is required on an invoice to Daimler in order to ensure the smooth checking of the invoice and our approval process. The document is available to download. Please fee free to share this document.

    For illustrative purpose we also present sample of invoices which can help you to issue the invoice including all relevant information.

    If you need the correct invoicing address of plant, please click on “Invoice address”.

    In case that you do not have the correct VAT ID you will find the relevant information in “VAT identification”.

    2. Invoice requirement letter (delivery of production material, non-production material and services)

    3. Invoice requirement letter (freight invoices)

    4. Sample of invoice (delivery of production material)

    5. Sample of invoice (delivery of non-production material)

    6. Sample of invoice (services)

    7. Sample of invoice (freight)


    1.Invoicing addresses plants

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    Invoicing addresses_VAT_DTAG

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    1.DTAG_VAT registrations

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    2. Invoice requirement letter supplier information

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    3.Requirements of a Freight Invoice

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    4. Sample_productive material

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    7.Sample invoice_freight

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