Version 13


    Via the web-based system eDocs, the exchange of purchasing documents (e.g. inquiries, purchase orders, contracts) is now paperless. Purchasing transactions can be completed in much less time and are more economical. Access to documents is guaranteed by systems technology and is clearly documented. eDocs ensures legally compliant processing of commercial business transactions, which is equivalent to the conventional exchange of business documents. All purchasing documents and transactions sent via eDocs are to be considered as legally binding declarations of intent for you and for Daimler, without a signature.


    Registering for eDocs

    Before you can access eDocs, a signed master agreement is required. You can download the agreement document via the Daimler Supplier Portal and thereby initiate your registration for eDocs. The steps are described below.


    Step one: sign the agreement

    Download the master agreement and print it out. Fill in all fields and sign the document.  Download the document here

    Step two: send the agreement

    Send the scanned document to  with the subject "eDocs registration" and the name of your eDocs administrator. You should already have access to the Daimler Supplier Portal (User ID). The administrator is responsible for the continued user administration within your company. You can use the following sample email as a template:

    Sample email for eDocs registration

    Subject: eDocs Registration for supplier number XXXXXXXX


    Attached is the signed master agreement for supplier number xxxxxxxx.

    eDocs administrator contact:

    Max Mustermann

    Portal ID:


    Step three: approval for eDocs use

    The data you enter will be checked and approved. If necessary, an application may have to be amended. As an applicant, you will receive a confirmation email for the use of eDocs and your specified administrator will receive the administration rights for eDocs within your company.


    Additional eDocs users

    Additional users can also use eDocs. To do this, either the user must apply for the app or the administrator can assign it. See "Request app".

    An additional or new eDocs Administrator can be registered by the current eDocs Admin. Alternatively,  you can fill out the document and send it to:

    Download document here