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    Information for our Non-production Material suppliers, Production Material suppliers will be informed separately:


    Last week we informed you about the current suspension of production due to the spread of COVID-19.

    For the decision regarding the suspension of production, we are following the latest notes and information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for Germany, respectively the country-specific institutions and follow the recommendations of the international, national and local authorities. 

    Furthermore, it is our ambition to limit the effects for everyone involved to a minimum. Due to the recent, dynamic development, we are now forced to extend the suspension of production for several plants. 

    Please find the details for your planning for every plant in the following chart. 

    As long as our production remains suspended, no material and goods delivery is possible. Excluded from this are for example important ramp-up topics. We kindly ask you to approach your contact person or representative in the respective department of our company immediately to coordinate whether your delivery or service is hereby affected. This will also apply if you are not only delivering material or goods but other deliveries or services.

    We will contact you as soon as we can in case of any changes. We kindly ask you to support this process constructively. 

    We thank you in advance for your trust and support!


    Overview of affected plants including non-production time and resumption of production. Planning depends on further development.

     Passenger car plants


    PlantStart of Suspension of Production
    Expected resumption of production
    SindelfingenMarch 20

    April 16 (Hall 46)

    April 20 (Body-in-White)

    April 22

    BremenMarch 20

    April 20 (Hall 3)

    April 22

    RastattMarch 19April 22
    ValmetApril 6May 4
    KecskemétMarch 20April 22
    HambachMarch 18April 20
    GrazMarch 17April 6
    Novo MestoMarch 18April 20
    East LondonMarch 26May 4
    AguascalientesMarch 25

    April 13

    TuscaloosaMarch 23April 6

    Truck Plants


    PlantStart of Suspension of production
    Expected resumption of production
    WörthMarch 20

    April 20 (Body-in-White)

    April 21

    MannheimMarch 20April 20
    Gaggenau/RastattMarch 20April 20
    KasselMarch 20April 20
    Consolidation CenterMarch 20April 20

    VAN Plants


    Start of Suspension of production
    Expected resumption of production
    LudwigsfeldeMarch 23April 20
    DüsseldorfMarch 23April 20
    VitoriaMarch 16April 14
    ArgentinaMarch 20April 1
    CharlestonMarch 23April 20


    This page contains confidential information, which may only be used for your internal planning and planning of your sub-supply chain.  The transmission to third parties is not permitted.