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    Collaboration Model Creditreform Rating AG and Daimler AG

    To meet the legal requirements for risk management, Daimler AG commissions Creditreform Rating AG to obtain financial information from its suppliers and carry out a supplier evaluation. In the course of this, information on the annual financial statements is researched once a year. On the basis of this data, an evaluation of key figures is prepared as the basis for assessing the financial situation. The assessment of financial stability is intended as a preventive measure to provide information on the security of supply by our suppliers. The results of the financial assessments are also relevant for potential new awardings.

    Your company/your subsidiary or an individual company within your group of companies is a supplier of Daimler AG. Creditreform AG is authorized and commissioned by Daimler AG to contact suppliers and evaluate the annual financial statement data.

    For the evaluation of the annual financial statement data, Creditreform Rating AG requires the consolidated annual financial statement data, i.e. balance sheet and P&L of the last two fiscal years. If you have already submitted data to Creditreform Rating AG in previous years, only the annual financial statement for the past fiscal year is required.

    The result of the analysis is passed on by Creditreform Rating AG exclusively to its client - Daimler AG. At Daimler AG, this data is only accessible to the FSRM (Financial Supplier Risk Management) department and is only used for internal risk assessment

    A passing on or further processing of the data does not take place. Creditreform Rating AG stores the data exclusively in a separate, protected Daimler database. As a service provider of Daimler AG, Creditreform Rating AG naturally complies with the data protection regulations of Daimler AG and the European Union (EU). Creditreform Rating AG is contractually bound by Daimler AG to keep your annual financial statement data confidential.

    We would like to thank you for your willingness to cooperate.


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