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    Report on successes and advertise with them. In press releases, case studies, newsletters, trade journals in text or multimedia, on websites or social media channels. This is what reference marketing is all about.

    Reference Marketing & Law: What is Allowed?

    Reference texts, images and films from the suppliers are subject to approval by Mercedes-Benz Group AG / Mercedes-Benz AG. This is agreed in the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase under Item 5. It explicitly states: "The contracting parties may only advertise their business relationship with the contracting partner with the prior written consent of the others."

    To give you an overview of our most important requirements in this context, we have summarized the key points in our guide as Customer Reference. These are to be observed.

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    • However, this does not replace the explicit reconciliation and release in individual cases.
    • Reference inquiries are possible no earlier than 3 months after the product / series have been launched on the market.
    • Please keep in mind that the internal review of your request may take some time, as it needs to be reviewed by several Departments.

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